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Stealth Technology

Competitors claim they are residential, but a quick ip address scan will confirm otherwise.

Accounts Last Longer

Keep your valuable accounts as long as possible using our services.

Fast Remote PCs

We give you remote access to powerful PCs, which are not resource starved or shared with other customers.

Cable Internet Speeds

We offer connection speeds 15x faster than the average competitor.

Free 24x7/365 Support

We are available around the clock to offer you assistance.

Loved by Affiliate Veterans

Most of our customers have failed using competitor's products, then find great success with us.

One-click IP Changing

Our IP Changer software gives you full control of our pool of over 1 million IP addresses.

Unlimited Resources

We'll make sure you always have enough disk space and computing power for your needs.

Simple Remote Control

Take full, no limits control of your PC via TeamViewer.

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What is RDSL?

RDSL is residential Internet service, which is used remotely. By using this service remotely, an Internet marketer can fake his location and identity as various other people to facilitate marketing. Our service gives you access to a full PC which you can remote into and use as if you were at a residence other than your own. Websites will think you are someone else, and your IP address will be correct for that location.

What people use RDSL for?

RDSL is suitable for many different kinds of internet marketing, which all can benefit from our stealth technology:

  • Advertising: Facebook Ads, Craigslist
  • Online Shopping and Sales: Amazon, Ebay
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

How do I get access to my new remote PC?

Once you’ve purchased with PayPal, we will contact you in a timely manner with your TeamViewer login information, so that you may taken full control of your remote PC. You may download TeamViewer before subscribing.

How do I report a problem with my connection?

If your RDSL system is unresponsive, please wait at least 10-15 minutes. There is a special script running which will reset it if the connection is broken. If it still doesn’t come up, please send us an email about your problem to [email protected] or message us on Skype: affiliatestealth if it’s more urgent.

We are unavailable from 11pm PST-8 – 7:30am PST-8.

How do I change my IP address and how long does it take?

We have written a custom application which is located on the desktop named “IP Changer”. The program gives you the ability to change your IP address in about 5 – 10 seconds by clicking “New IP”. It also allows you to view and change to previous IP Addresses you’ve had, which is sometimes very useful when managing multiple website accounts.

Am I allowed to install my own software?

Yes, you may install your own software. You have full Administrator rights of your system. Keep in mind, however, if you break the system point that we need to reinstall it from scratch, you will be charged a $75 service charge for the repair.

If your system is “shutdown” by your mistake, you will need to contact us to turn it back on. Sometimes we can’t get to it right away so you have to wait until we are physically near the system.

Is there anything that isn't allowed on the system?

Under no circumstances are you allowed to run illegal programs or do anything illegal. If you are caught, your system will be locked and you will not receive a refund.

Anything that is generally considered abusive use of system resources is also prohibited.